Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Car Bows ship fully assembled?

Yes. Our Car Bows already come fully assembled. All you have to do is remove them from the box and place them on the vehicle. It’s as easy as that!

How do the Car Bows stay on the vehicles?

Our Car Bows are made with a felt backing to reduce vehicle scratching. Our recommended placement of the bows is on the windshield wipers.

Can you deliver instead of ship?

YES. In some cases, we can deliver and setup our Car Bows for you if you live within the San Antonio/Austin area. Please call in advance to verify if hand delivery/setup is possible.

Are custom Car Bow colors available?

We stock basic colors, but supply chain demands may cause some short term delays. We do keep our website up to date with inventory we have prepared. We are happy to have you contact us if you have any specific colors in mind.

What size are the bows?

The bows are 32″ in Diameter and come fully assembled.

How are car bows shipped?

We ship UPS ground from Texas. Depending on your location and zip code, bows should arrive within 2-5 days. The bows are shipped with tracking numbers.

Do you have even larger bows?

Yes, we make some special bows for luxury vehicles like Lexus and Mercedes. please reach out to us for more information.

Can you make bows for doors?

Yes, we can and do. Please reach out to us for more information.

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